Teacup and Saucer

Laura De Benedetti

Teacup measures 11cm w x 6cm h not inc handle. Saucer measures 14cm w x 1.5cm h

Beautiful porcelain teacup and saucer perfect for afternoon tea with a slice of cake. 

Laura has pioneered the use of porcelain a hard, tough, rigid material to make flowing, free-spirited, warm-hearted, individualistic pieces. By design each pot by Laura De Benedetti is unique, hand-thrown on the potter’s wheel with its own personality. The rippling textures, gentle asymmetries and sensuous curves contrast with the anonymity of factory-made product, bringing to their owners a sense of freedom and liberty. Look for the signature twist in the rim of her plates and bowls, an expression of that spirit.

Read Laura's full biography HERE

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