Sunflower Window

Brenda Parsons

Beautiful textile piece using handmade paper, stitch, creative embroidery techniques and finished with silver leaf. Inspired by The English Countryside, this piece is an eye catching centre piece to any room. 

"I am an International Textile Artist, who mainly works in the medium of paper. I create artworks in both 2D and 3D for home and business settings, as well as large installations as exhibition pieces for galleries or commercial settings. My studio-spaces are located in both the UK and France, but I travel further afield to present talks and workshops.

I am drawn to the lightness in weight of paper and the way that white paper re-cycled and hand- made brings a tranquility to my contemporary pieces. Recent pieces incorporate colour. I like my viewers to be drawn towards my work, to integrate the techniques which I am exploring with paper and to reflect on the stories suggested by my work."

Measures 127cm H x 127cm W

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