Spectrum Necklace on Silk

Emily Johnston

Iridescent glass necklace with a single piece of glass on a strong silk thread.

Emily Johnston is based in Newquay Cornwall and creates beautiful unique glass jewellery. 

“I first started playing with glass in 2010, when I landed a job in the local glassblower's workshop. I was chosen from around 60 applicants- and that was the first thing that drove me to put my all into every task they gave me, be it cold working a piece, or even just making a cuppa! I still put this enthusiasm into all my work today!

From my humble beginnings as tea lady/Mrs Mop, I began to pick up new skills and my creativity started to creep through. I chose not to do art at school - I have always felt that, rather than having someone telling me how I should express myself, that I should put the pieces together myself. After all, half the fun is in the figuring out! So why take that away?

Over time, my pieces have evolved substantially. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I've enjoyed getting here!”

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