Dry Stone Wall

Laura Boswell

Measures: 90cm w x 54cm h. Actual print measures 66cm w x 32cm h

Dry Stone Wall, Original limited edition print. Edition 4/12

Japanese woodblock print technique, framed with wood and an anti Glare glass. 

Laura Boswell is a printmaker based in Buckinghamshire. Her work focuses on rural and coastal landscape and she works in reduction linocut and traditional Japanese watercolour woodblock. She studied visual art and art history at Aberystwyth University before a career in the photographic industry. She returned to printmaking in 2005, specialising in reduction linocut, and was selected by the Nagasawa Art Project as British artist in 2009 to learn woodblock in Japan under master carvers and printers.

READ Laura Boswell's full biography HERE 

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