Sarah Grove

Sarah Grove"By parodying sumptuous upholstery and rich textured fabrics which even when old and sagging suggest comfort and luxury, I use porcelain to make functional vessels for the home such as jugs and vases.

By pressing slabs of porcelain into plaster casts of textiles, from which I can hand build my pieces from, I make porcelain mimic deeply stuffed upholstered padding, buttoned silk, waffle and even mock ostrich.  These are clean, simple and white but to let every detail show, mother-of-pearl lustre makes the details of upholstery tacks, buttons and braiding stand out.

 There is a contrast between the soft pillow forms of the fabric and the cold unyielding nature of the porcelain.  Simplicity of form balances the rich surfaces and is enhanced by the whiteness and translucency of the clay and by using only transparent glaze. The imprints of my fingers are left on the interiors of the pots to affirm the presence of the maker in each piece."

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Sarah Grove    Sarah Grove