Rita Romano

Rita Romano recently completed a HND in 3D Design (2013) and now works from her home studio in Bedfordshire.

"Having worked with materials such as plastics, wood and ceramics to create jewellery during my HND course, using copper and brass showed me the possibilities of using metal to make more wearable, hardwearing jewellery, which is when I began to use the precious metal sterling silver. After using silver for a while, I wanted to incorporate gemstones into my work and so I began to practice stone setting and I’m so glad I did – gemstones sometimes are just what a piece of jewellery needs to add a decorative element.

Creating various organic and controlled textures, oxidising silver or using different coloured metals and setting gemstones into a piece of jewellery are all things that I currently work towards – to me, all these contrasts in aesthetics produce really eye catching and unique designs.

I am very ‘hands on’ and thoroughly enjoy the making side of jewellery design, which often can be overlooked when viewing or choosing an item of jewellery due to the fact people may not know the amount of thought, time and work that goes into making just one piece. It is a time consuming, stressful, tiring, extremely rewarding and satisfying career all at the same time, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m so happy I have all of you who take such an interest in my work to share it with – that’s what makes this so worthwhile."

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Rita Romano    Rita Romano    Rita Romano