Lindy Barletta

Lindy has been designing, making and selling her work for the last 10 years.  Her studio is in East Sheen, London SW14. Her thrown ceramic forms are strong, generous shapes with a roundness and elegance achieved by hand and eye, asking to b
e touched, admired and used.  Made by hand for others hands to enjoy. 

She feels that ceramics is an art placed among us in our everyday lives, for example a simple mug or a vase or a teapot can influence the mood one is in.  It can make someone's day.  It can become a very important object that is carried through time and will have a great value, both non-material and material. 

Influences come from rural landscapes, a collection of French and British printed fabrics, Japanese folk craft, The Arts and Crafts Movement, Chinese ceramics and Japanese ink brushwork, early Medieval pottery and the strong influences of British studio potters and pottery.  With a previous career in interior design, textiles, colour and pattern are important and Lindy's glazes are jewel-like in quality reflecting these influences. 

Work is in both
 stoneware and porcelain.  It is high fired to cone 9 in an electric kiln.  Glaze application is in layers, sprayed, poured and trailed, often with wax resist in between or gentle flowing metal oxide brushwork to enhance the shape and emphasise the form of a particular piece. 

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Lindy Barletta