KAZ Robertson

I set up my workshop in 2002 after finishing my degree and post graduate course in jewellery at Edinburgh College Of Art.  Since then I have exhibited internationally, taken part in various shows, and worked to commission.

KAZ Robertson

I am obsessed with colour and pattern which are the main features of my jewellery.   I constantly photograph forms, patterns and colours I come across in my everyday life.  Stairways, drain covers, textures on buildings, railings, graffiti...all provide me with endless inspiration and ideas.


Colour is an essential element in my work.   Working with resin I create my own colour palette by mixing pigments.  Depending on the collection I'm working on I can create a bold, clashing palette, or a softer, sophisticated palette .  Layering translucent resin over opaque helps achieve a richer finish and a wider colour range too.  By patterning either one or both layers I can produce diverse effects.

Kaz Robertson

 I want the wearer to enjoy wearing my jewellery and appreciate the little extra details I incorporate.  For instance some pieces are reversible for an added surprise.  Others have magnets set within which allows bangles to stick together in sets, or ring tops to be swapped.  Mis-matching is another strong element of my jewellery, adding to the unique feeling of my pieces.


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