Established since 2011, designer-maker Elin Mair creates contemporary jewellery and memorable keepsakes.  Her work is now sold in selected independent shops and galleries across Britain.

She works with a fascinating material; Precious Metal Clay (PMC), also known as Silver Clay. PMC is a combination of organic binders, water and microscopic recycled particles of silver.

The clay is hand-formed into a shape and the desired texture added, before being dried, sanded and then fired in a kiln. The firing process removes the binder and fuses the metal into a solid form.  Post-firing, all the soldering work can begin, where the pieces are transformed into wearable designs.

Working with PMC is quite different from traditional silversmithing as it requires a different set of skills, ones that tap into those of potters and sculptors, and is ultimately more environmentally friendly.

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