Hannah Nunn

I've been making my lamps for ten years now.
What a decade it's been. My work has taken me on many adventures and I've met many amazing people. It has led me to open a shop, start a blog and write a book. The best thing of all though is that it allows my love of making things and my motivation to create more beauty in the world to be at the heart of everything I do.  It allows getting out in the woods with my camera or marvelling at a wild flower to become part of every day. 

I joined Northlight Studio then situated at the top of an old textile mill with wide views across the valley and I found the support and inspiration to introduce my work to the wider world. I made a range of paper cut greetings cards which made it to Libertys, Harrods, Paperchase  and many beautiful craft galleries across the country. Whilst holding my paper cuts up to the light to enjoy the silhouettes, the idea of making lamps seemed the next exciting step.

The Arts Council supported the idea with a Research and Development grant and months were spent cutting, sticking, thinking and sketching until the first Hannah Nunn lamp was born! 

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Hanah Nunn    Hannah Nunn    Hannah Nunn