Foto Ceramica

Kit Anderson is the lady behind Foto Ceramica. 

Kit has a background exhibiting as an Arts Photographer and gained an MA in Photography from De Montfort University in 2004.

Kits photographic skills combined with a working life as a ceramic teacher and technician, Foto Ceramica was born in 2006, with the aim to bring these two distinct areas of arts practice together.

Kit's passion for combining ceramics and photography led to a feature in Paul Scott’s Ceramics and Print (1994, 1st Ed) for work using Photo emulsion, but Kit was still searching for a more permanent way of combining the two.

In 2007, Arts Council England awarded Kit a Research and Development grant which enabled Kit to establish her current ceramic practice using the Gum bi-chromate process , a photography process originally used on paper which she has developed to use on bisque ceramics.

Kit exposes original and carefully sourced archival images directly onto the ceramic surface , which is then fixed by light and fired on permanently, although the photographic image is transformed having a fragile , haunting quality.

Kit exhibits at ceramic shows across the Uk and her work is exhibited in a selection of galleries. 

In 2012, Kit was featured again in Ceramics and Print, P Scott (3rd Ed 2012) and in Jill Enfield’s Alternative photography processes, by Focal press, where she contributed more detailed information about the process. 

Kit is a ‘fellow’ member of Design Factory since 2010, and also a member of the Northern Potters Association and associate of the Craft Potter’s Association.

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