Emma Perring

Emma Perring Painter

Adjective: denoting or in the manner of a 19th-century style of painting outdoors, which became a central feature of French impressionism.

Emma Perring Artist and Painter

Emma Perring is an artist with a passion for plein air. Using techniques learnt during two years of classical art training Emma paints to fit the immediacy needed to capture a scene on location.

When I’m out painting it's all about trying to get down the essence of the scene. Light, mood, structure and action are just some of the components that make plein air painting challenging and irresistible.

Emma travels the world painting, her latest trip will take her to Venice and she's been working in the home counties over the winter months. 
Emma creates still life set ups, in her studio in Epping, often floral in nature, depicting some flowers gathered from the garden or a posy in a ceramic jug. 

Emma Perring Oil Painter


Buy Emma's Paintings here: https://goldenhare.co.uk/collections/emma-perring