Emily Doran

I love to experiment and develop my own glazes and am continually drawn to the uplifting palette of the coast. I use green/blue and soft oatmeal glazes combined with a rustic iron speckled stoneware clay to create a flecked bird egg effect.

I decided to retrain as a potter after an initial career in arts marketing, working at the Royal Academy and Whitechapel Gallery. It was the desire to become the hands-on maker rather than the promoter of art that pushed me start again and go back to college. From the beginning I was fascinated with throwing and creating beautiful and functional ceramics people could use everyday.

I tend to look outside of the city for my inspiration, particularly to the British countryside, coastline and sea. I focus on creating simple beautiful forms with minimal decoration very much influenced by Japanese pottery traditions and aesthetics. Britain's rich history of ceramics has been an important influence on my work, in particular English Country Pottery. I have also been fascinated with the effects of  Raku and wood firing, and even though as an urban potter I am unable to practice such techniques, by using specialist clays and glazes I can bring a flavour of these techniques into my work.

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