Ellul Ceramics

Lisa Ellul is the lady behind Ellul ceramics.

"I’ve always had a love of nature and been fascinated by the complex and beautiful natural structures and textures found in plants, bark, seed pods, corals and shells. It is this natural theme that inspires my ceramics.

I’m in awe of the illustrations by renowned German biologist, philosopher, physician, professor and artist Ernst Haeckel. I find endless inspiration in his incredible detailed drawings of sea life, their forms and textures.Lisa Ellul

I’m equally inspired by my surroundings. My garden, which my studio overlooks, has a direct influence on my ceramics. The structures in leaves, textures in a piece of bark, seed pods.

I’ve been making sculptural ceramic vessels and handmade tiles for over fifteen years and work in my studio at home overlooking the garden in the beautiful Peak District National Park.

When making I design with clay, allowing the material to partly dictate the direction the piece takes rather than staring blankly at an empty page in a sketch book! I aim for the pieces to have a dialogue between delicacy and solidity and texture and form. The pieces are constructed from tubes or cones of clay and organised in a structured formation. The piece may be multi-layered or a simple one-layer vessel. This method of construction creates an intricate texture and articulation of surface.

My vessels are constructed from layers of finely rolled tubes or cones of clay. These are organised in a structured formation building the thickness of the vessel wall. Some vessels are multi-layered and hold a solid, weighted volume. Others are simple one-layer vessels resembling seed pods and cones. This method of construction creates an intricate texture and articulation of surface. Surfaces are almost bone like with fossilised leaf patterns or inlayed textures. Simple washes of oxides highlight texture and the occasional use of gold leaf adds a sense of luminosity and luxury.

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