Claire Lovett

"Faded words, decaying surfaces, peeling wallpaper, and flaking paint - history is richly documented all around us, often in the most overlooked of places"

My work encompasses my interests in nostalgia, and the powers of time. The progression of time and the effect it has on our surroundings and surfaces are particularly intriguing.

Inspired by a section of my family tree, my work explores the 
notions of ancestry and generations, through the use of historical English forms and screen-printed or textured wallpaper patterns. With an air of faded grandeur and reminiscent of historical relics, the vessels reveal the past and expose history through their peeled and deteriorated surfaces. 

Each piece is unique, evoking memories and showing the journey of making.

My work ranges from small printed decorations and textured tea-light holders, to larger decorative free-standing and wall mounted vessels."

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Claire Lovett    Claire Lovett    Claire Lovett