Brenda Parsons

"I am an International Textile Artist, who mainly works in the medium of paper. I create artworks in both 2D and 3D for home and business settings, as well as large installations as exhibition pieces for galleries or commercial settings. My studio-spaces are located in both the UK and France, but I travel further afield to present talks and workshops.

I was trained as a Geographer and Geologist, so have a great interest in international cultures and world environments. I am an avid photographer, collector and sketch-book creator.

After a Career in Education, as a Teacher, Adviser and Schools Inspector, I studied Textiles at East Berkshire College, Bucks New University and am now working as a full-time Artist. My passion is paper, its properties and how it can be used in Textile Art. Much of my current works are large installations and accessories, which are created using hand made and re-cycled paper.

I have developed a special technique- Paper Lace. I create this by machine stitching paper using a variety of patterns and densities. I then wash the papers to distress them and massage until a lace is created. I may use as many as 8 layers of paper to create a layered piece with surface lace. Sometimes I wax the surface, particularly if it is to be hung outside.

I am drawn to the lightness in weight of paper and the way that white paper re-cycled and hand- made brings a tranquility to my contemporary pieces. Recent pieces incorporate colour. I like my viewers to be drawn towards my work, to interrogate the techniques which I am exploring with paper and to reflect on the stories suggested by my work."

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Brenda Parsons    Brenda Parsons    Brenda Parsons

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