Anna Thompson

Anna ThompsonHaving been brought up with all sorts of animals, predominantly horses, I have long been fascinated by country life, fairgrounds and the world of the circus. I want to capture the expression, reactions and spirit of my subjects rather than use a photo-realist approach. I like to paint from observation and memory in order to give the work a sense of vitality and freedom.Anna Thompson Art

Both my parents have been a major influence on my work. My Father is a wheelwright and carriage builder, and my Mother is a carriage painter, so from an early age I have been surrounded by the business of making and painting. Sign writing skills are a family tradition and form a considerable part of my working practice. I have utilised these techniques in the making of show boxes, signs and coffee tables.

I am interested in bringing a more modern and contemporary style of painting to very traditional subjects. I work mainly in oils on canvas using a broad spectrum of colour… often with a strong sense of light and shade. The scale of my work varies according to the subject matter, though I mostly enjoy working on large scale pieces.

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Anna Thompson



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