Tiffany Logan

I love children’s drawings. That stage before self-consciousness and self-doubt creeps in.

I love the accidental and haphazard things that occur within the act of painting. The process is important to me - I tend to create masses of detail and then blot out parts and then repeat the process. Painting is like therapy for me, giving "flow" to my life.

I’ve exhibited in numerous locations and Galleries in the U.K. including in Kent and London at the Candid Arts and the Mall Galleries. I am fortunate to be represented by Artat88 in Berkhamsted, The Golden Hare at Ampthill, Forge2 Gallery in Oxfordshire, Lys Boutique in Zurich, The Robin’s Nest Gallery in Wargrave and from July 2017 – HardingHouse Gallery on Steep Hill, Lincoln.


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