Cassells History of England Original

Alison Stockmarr


The book itself measures approx 19cm w x 25cm h

The perspex box measures 36cm w x 43cm h x 7cm depth from wall

Cassells History of England is an original framed collage by Alison Stockmarr. Depicting England with historical influences and imagery throughout the collage including Scotland's Thistle, Welsh sheep, the English Rose; the more you look the more you discover. 

Framed and mounted in a perspex box to preserve it for generations to come. 

Alison Stockmarr is a contemporary British Artist producing collaged 3-D artworks from old books and record sleeves, found ephemera & original photographs. 
Currently Alison creates collaged art works that she defines in four distinct categories; Face Books, Picture Books, Collaged Record Covers and Alphabetical Encyclopaedias, all carried off with her signature playfulness and semantic irony.

Read Alison's full biography HERE


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