Marshall Colman

Marshall Colman’s award winning ceramicsMarshall Colman make a beautiful addition to the modern home or a unique gift with a personal touch. His simple, elegant designs are made by hand and decorated with free, gestural brush strokes on tin glaze. He is one of the few ceramic artists in Britain using this old but challenging technique, which he learned at Harrow and the Rodmell Pottery, Sussex. 

Tin glaze is an opaque white glaze over terracotta that lends itself to free brush decoration. It reached its height in medieval Spain, Renaissance Italy and 17th century Delft and was revived in the 20th century by studio potters. His inspirations include abstract expressionist painting, 1950s textiles and old maiolica.

He Says:     "Most of my pottery is thrown on the wheel, with some alteration of larger pieces and addition of rolled slabs of clay. I use a mixture of one part terracotta to three parts white earthenware that fires to a warm pink when fired at 1090 deg. C. It’s then covered in a lead borosilicate glaze based on a recipe from Daphne Carnegie, who taught me at Harrow. The glaze dries as a highly absorbent surface on which the designs are painted with metallic oxides. It's like painting on blotting paper: mistakes are hard to rectify and if the decoration goes wrong, the glaze has to be washed off and started all over again. The decorated pots are then fired a second time at 1050 deg. C. Washes of colour, wax resist and sgraffito generate complex surface textures."

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