Meet the Maker- Darren Rose Photography

September 19, 2018

Meet the Maker- Darren Rose Photography

Darren Rose is a landscape photographer from Bedfordshire, who can often be found wondering around the local woodland with an old wooden camera. We take a look behind the scenes at what makes Darren tick. 


How long have you been practicing photography for? 

I started to take photography seriously whilst studying Fine Art at University, and went on to teach 6th form students how to develop and print their photos in a darkroom. After a small hiatus, in 2014 I picked up where I left off and began to focus on my photography again.

Darren Rose Photography

Darren at work amongst the bluebells in the woodland

We’re exhibiting mostly your close up and landscape shots, what is your favourite subject to shoot? 

Woodland work features heavily in my portfolio. I love the challenge of finding compositions within the complex and chaotic woodland landscape. They continually change throughout the seasons, and can look different each time I visit. This ever-changing landscape helps keep me motivated when revisiting locations throughout the year.

Darren Rose Photography

'Wild Garlic Woodland' Available to buy HERE


Do you take your camera everywhere with you or do you go out specifically to shoot your subjects? 

I always have a camera close by – much to my children’s frustration - and I set out to shoot specific subjects or locations most weekends. When going to shoot specific subjects I will take the camera that allows me to capture the vision I have in mind.

What’s your favourite time of the day to photograph and why?

I love seeing, and hearing, the landscape wakeup in the mornings. Winter mornings in particular. I enjoy being out in all weather, and am not deterred by rain or snow. In fact, what many people would class as bad weather can make for more interesting photos.


What camera do you use? 

I use a mixture of cameras, some more practical than others. The majority of my work is shot on a high end digital camera, but it’s hard to beat the experience of shooting my 4x5 large format film camera. Using it is an immersive and challenging experience, but the results are worth the effort. I also have a mixture of pinhole and toy cameras which I use regularly.

Which photograph are you most proud of and why? 

That’s tough! Aside from photographers of my family, I think I am most proud of my recent butterfly images. It has been a steep learning curve throughout the summer to try and get the images I had hoped to. Not only did I have to learn different photography techniques, I also had to learn about how to locate the butterflies and where they roosted. I came home empty handed many times. Of all the images, I think ‘Roosting Marbled White’ is my favourite.

Darren Rose Photography

'Roosting Marbled White' Available to buy HERE


You’re based in Bedfordshire, are most of your photographs taken in the locality?

The majority of my images are based on the landscape in Bedfordshire and I’m fortunate to have lakes and woodlands within a short driving distance of my home. That’s not to say it’s easy though. Bedfordshire does not have the immediate grandeur of some parts of the UK, and it certainly makes me work hard for my images.


What quality are your photographs printed at?

I print all my photographs on Archival Fine Art Photographic Papers using archival inks. Not only does this ensure that I get excellent colour reproduction, but the prints will last a long time when looked after.


If you could go anywhere in the world to take photographs, where would you choose and why? 

British Columbia on the west coast of Canada. The rugged coastline, forests and mountain ranges look stunning. It’s also an area that hasn’t become over familiar through popularity with other photographers too, which appeals to me greatly.

Darren Rose Photography

Thanks so much Darren for a look into your work and behind the scenes at what inspires you, welcome to Golden Hare Gallery- we hope you enjoy being part of our portfolio of artists, 

Laura & Puddle

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