#GoldenHareStories Part 8: Richard Ballantyne & Carol Read

October 21, 2018

#GoldenHareStories Part 8: Richard Ballantyne & Carol Read

Richard Ballantyne & Carol Read - R&B ceramics 

I opened my first shop in 2013 in a small town called Watlington in Oxfordshire. A pop up shop opportunity came available for 3 weeks running up to Christmas and it was the perfect place for a practice run… My mum, a fantastic ceramicist, helped to rally up all the artists and potters in the local area to fill the shop up. 

Richard Ballantyne and Carol Read R&B Ceramics

Richard Ballantyne and Carol Read knew mum through local pottery groups and they were kind enough to support my little Christmas pop up venture and agreed to give me some work to sell. I've been selling their work since then! Richard and Carol have been working together for 8 years creating sculptural animals often with a humorous twist. 

They love to play with words and phrases and have created many witty pieces for me in the past including 'Battery Chicken'- a ceramic chicken stood on a battery; 'Baa Humbug' - three sheep, two black and one white; and more recently we exhibited a pug in full flying gear with goggles! 

Richard Ballantyne and Carol Read

I was lucky enough to visit Richard and Carol's studio earlier this year and watch a piece being sculpted and raku fired. Each sculpture starts life on the potters wheel as an enclosed form which is then cut and manipulate into animal forms. At no stage are moulds used, so each piece is totally unique , this uniqueness is enhanced by the firing process which is in the main raku - where the pieces are drawn from the kiln at 1000degrees and allowed to craze before being covered in sawdust - a pyromaniacs delight. 

Richard Ballantyne and Carol Read Raku Firing

Richard and Carol are busy making me lots of chickens, hares and sculptures for the Country Living Fair, we'll be fully stocked for Christmas so if you love their work then keep an eye on our social media and I'll let you know when the new work arrives. Apart from the sculptural raku they also produce domestic thrown ware and garden sculptural stoneware .  

They have been the recipient of various awards from London Potters and Potfest, there work can be found in a number of galleries throughout Britain and Ireland - from the Isle of  Lewis to Falmouth .

Buy Richard & Carol's work here

Richard Ballantyne and Carol Read

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