#GoldenHareStories Part 4: Josie Walter

October 15, 2018

#GoldenHareStories Part 4: Josie Walter

Photo Credit Ben Boswell 

Josie Walter

Back in 2015 Claire Twomey created an installation of 10,000 ceramic pots, each of which took one hour to make, totalling 10,000 hours of work. It was held at York Art Gallery and brought to light not only a need to appreciate craft, but the hours of which it takes for an artist to learn and perfect their craft.

This is no exception with our artists at Golden Hare. Today's #goldenharestories is the potter Josie Walter; next year Josie celebrates 40 years of being a potter. That's a lot of hours perfecting her throwing, learning to work with clay and expanding her knowledge about glazes! It's no surprise that Josie's ceramics are as tactile, popular and functional as they are.

Josie Walter

Josie started potting in 1979 and a year later embarked on a 6 month apprenticeship in the Auvergne in France. Throughout the years Josie has developed a distinctive style, the painterly surface decoration sometimes just consisting of a couple of lines but depicting a perfect carrot for example. 

"I don’t sign my work as it is hopefully signed all over"

The techy bit

Josie uses a red earthenware clay which can be seen on the underside of her pieces. They're mostly thrown on a momentum wheel, however some are slab built pieces like the butter slabs, spoon rests and the square and oblong dishes. A thick slip is brushed inside and a thin slip poured on the outside of the piece. Raw glazed and then each piece is hand decorated with coloured glazes. Josie's ceramics are once fired in an electric kiln.

When I asked Josie why she loved being a potter she replied

"There is Nothing like an uninterrupted day in the workshop with lumps of clay and radio 4 to make you feel peaceful and at one with the world" 

I think that sums up Josie's attitude to being a potter pretty well! 

Josie Walter

You can buy Josie's ceramics here

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