#GoldenHareStories Part 2: Kate Luck Ceramics

October 11, 2018

#GoldenHareStories Part 2: Kate Luck Ceramics

Kate Luck Ceramics is our next artist to feature on #GoldenHareStories.

Kate's story is a special one touched by personal loss and finding a beautiful way of coping with life by appreciating the beauty in everyday. Kate tells her story so eloquently, so today I'll be posting in Kate's own words.

"After graduating from Central St Martins, I began working as a professional mould maker & production ceramicist.  Over the years I was fortunate enough to work on some incredible projects including replicas for Hampton Court Palace, sculptures for Artist Stuart Pearson Wright & porcelain chandeliers for Lighting Designer George Singer. I became a specialist in complex mould making & porcelain production, and was lucky enough to have my work recognised by the Heritage Crafts Associations, as a noted finalist for the Made in Britain Award, which champions makers who preserve heritage crafts skills. After getting married & moving out to the countryside I decided that the time was right to move on from production work & create my own art."

Kate Luck Ceramics

"In 2012 I went through a tough double bereavement. Grief is a bit like surfing, you have to ride the waves of emotions that come, if you fight it you fall in deeper."

To help me I took comfort in the little pleasures that I could find every day; blowing a dandelion, picking blackberries or finding the perfect conker. Each little moment helped me reconnect with nature & myself. They brought back memories of my childhood adventures at my Grandparent home on Anglesey, a small Island off the coast of North Wales. As a child I was always off running through woodland covered in lush wild garlic, climbing trees, skipping through summer fields with daisy chains & feathers hung in my hair or skimming slate & collecting shells on the beach. In time I found that these memories & the new moments I was finding helped heal me & inspired my creative work.

Kate's beautiful ceramics bring back those nostalgic memories and help to remind us of the beauty that surrounds us, you just have to stop to notice it. 

You can buy Kate's wonderful ceramics here.

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