Take a look inside the most beautiful artists studio...

May 17, 2017

Take a look inside the most beautiful artists studio...

A couple of weeks ago I visited the studio of one of our new artists- Harriet Coleridge. In the historic village of Ewelme, just a couple of miles from the village I grew up in, in rural Oxfordshire, is the most beautiful pottery you could imagine. 

We wound our way through Harriet's pretty garden, under rose arches, along a path that led to the studio at the top of the garden. Harriet's studio is made up of several rooms, a light filled area with her wheel in the centre, the kiln room with shelves filled with work in progress and a stunning conservatory room where Harriet's work is beautifully displayed ready for one of the many open studios she has. 

Harriet's light filled studio is the perfect place to work, inspiration streams through every window from her stunning country garden. It is a tranquil space to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and into the creative zone. 

We spent an hour or so admiring Harriets range of work and choosing some pieces to exhibit at the gallery and on our website 

Harriets Page and her full range of work available to buy now 

A dresser full of Harriet's celadon glazed work with gold edges that bring the pieces to life. 


Harriet is a member of the prestigious Society of Designer Craftsmen. 


I think you'll agree this is a pretty special place! Harriet's work is all available to buy on our website HERE


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