Stitched Portraits by Harriet Riddell February 28th 2015

March 04, 2015

Yet another successful day with Harriet stitching portraits in Golden Hare. An early morning and a fully booked day, Harriet arrived at the gallery at 8am after an hour and a half drive up from Oxfordshire. We unloaded her car and began putting up a 'Pop up exhibition' of her work in the Exhibitions room.

Harriet Riddell is a Performance Mixed media Artist specialising in observational drawings in stitch. Her artwork responds to and interprets the transient world on to a permanent tapestry. Harriet encourages interaction; experimenting with the location and subjects she chooses to stitch.
Harriet brought stitches from trips to India, Switzerland, Europe and South East Asia as well as a intricate, portrait of Winston Churchill full of double meaning and depth. 
Amongst the exhibition Harriet set about stitching her first portrait of the day: Farmer Sam. 

Sam's portrait included an ear of wheat behind his ear, a stags head on his shirt pocket and a shotgun in his arms, a fantastic start to the day!

Next up was Jan looking radiant in Spring colours...

The next one to be stitched was a keen dancer with a sparkly top. Heres Harriet hard at work

Richard and Gill had theirs stitched next, the first double portrait of the day. Some of the things they enjoy that are integrated into their portraits were their love of mountains, cycling, photography, travel, Switzerland, can you find them all?

The gorgeous Elsie and Alice were up next, the beautiful family of England Cricket Captain Alistair Cook. Elsie was very well behaved in her pink bobble hat, giggling throughout, so much so that Harriet added the words 'Little giggler' onto her jumper. Alice is a sheep farmer and little sheep were stitched onto her jumper. A really lovely mother and daughter stitch.

Quite a crowd gathered for Harriets next subjects, these two were captured beautifully with a fabulous fox stitched onto the jumper. 

Ted the talented trumpet player was the last stitch of the day; he motivated Harriet with brilliant renditions on his trumpet, it really was a great way to end a fab day.

If you missed out on getting your portrait stitched by Harriet, don't panic! We have plans for Harriet to come back to the gallery in May, to be first to hear about when she is next coming, sign up the the mailing list at the bottom of the page. We were completely fully booked this time and have already started a waiting list for the next visit, so contact Laura to find out more. 

Many thanks again to Harriet for her hard work and for being amazing!!

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