'Fields and Flames' Seb Piper landscape based photography and Jane White ceramics

October 21, 2014

‘Fields and Flames,’ the opening exhibition at the Golden Hare Gallery, features the work of Seb Piper and Jane White.
Seb is a painter, musician and photographer, the son of John and Myfanwy Piper, and the younger brother of the painter Edward Piper, Seb’s life has always been centred on artistic creation. His latest work of landscape based photography is being shown for the first time at the exhibition.
This debut exhibition of Seb’s photographic work is the product of a lifetime of experimental photography and art. It is the first time this work has been put on show, and is a stunning collection of what will certainly become extremely collectable artworks.
Jane is a member of The Society of Designer Craftsmen, and is a ceramicist working with the unusual technique of pit-firing. Her hand built and burnished ceramics derive their colours and patterns from firing with organic material in a large open fire pit in the field, and each piece that emerges from the ashes is totally unique.
Jane’s forms mirror the simplicity and balance evident all around us in the natural world, and Seb’s stunning photographs remind us once again of the beauty of natural landscape.
The exhibition is on from October 4th – November 4th.
To Buy Seb's work click HERE

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